Nutrient Dense Low Calorie Philosophy

Maintaining a healthy body weight has dramatic effects in preventing, and even reversing, chronic illness and psychological trauma. Many individuals have excess and unnecessary fat that is preventing them from living an optimally healthy life.  No matter if you work out every day or if you’ve been living a “not so healthy” life, excess weight can be difficult to lose.

However, your body is built with the mechanisms to use fat as a clean, stable, powerful energy source, but most of the time we override this natural response. We either consume way too many sugars or carbohydrates, or we are so toxic and clogged up that our fat burning machines can’t run properly.  The Nutrient Dense Low Calorie Program supports the body by controlling the incoming nutrition, fighting cravings, while aiding the body to make it easier to breakdown and utilize these excess fat stores.

Low Calorie diets have been successful for many individuals who are trying to lose weight and relieve many different types of health conditions. There has been a multitude of studies that have shown that low calorie diets provide the necessary stimulus to the body to release excess energy stores, heighten immune responses, and even provide positive genetic changes.


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